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  • Its natural antibiotic, its natural antibacterial properties can prove to be useful for bed sores, skin sores, inflammation, burns, and even ulcers.
  • It helps, by stimulating the secretion of liquids and remove toxins from the body. It is also helpful in cases of anxiety, nervous disorders, and acute stress.
  • it is good for poor blood circulation, jaundice, ulcers, and urinary tract infections.
  • It gives fantastic results in the treatment of seasonal allergies. it is ideal to use for acute asthma.
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Our organic hunter honey is 100% pure organic honey. Organic hunter honey is produced from the honey bee that has grown in a natural environment. There is no use of “genetically modified organisms” OR pesticides during farming of honey. And the flowers are not sprayed with chemicals and the bees are not fed sugar solution or are given antibiotics. It’s free of chemicals and artificial sweetness.

We bottle this honey without pasteurization, because this heating process usually be consider to reduce the nutrition’s and vitamins from the honey. In since of this! We obtaining honey by extraction, settling and straining. That’s why our honey is 100%pure organic and natural. And organic certified.

1 review for Organic Hunter Honey – Coming Soon

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